EnGenius Industrial Cordless Phone Systems
are ideal for:

  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Construction
  • Schools / Administration
  • Multi-Floor Offices
  • Hotels / Convention Centers
  • Manufacturing
  • Property Management
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Warehouse / Self Storage
  • Public Safety / IT / Security

As the leader in Industrial Cordless telephone systems, EnGenius is committed to provide long-range communication equipment for use in the most demanding environments.

With coverage up to 12 floors in administration buildings, up to 250,000 square feet in warehouse- like environments, and up to 3,000 acres in open spaces like farms, EnGenius Industrial Cordless provides both phone and 2-way radio access for workers on the move.

Ideal for indoor applications like schools, offices and libraries; outdoor applications like waterplants, landfills, and parks and recreation; and mobile applications like public safety and emergency services.

For more information regarding this product line please call (800)427-6972 ext 601 or Email us at sales@gapsystems.com

12 Floors
of penetration in hotels and
office buildings

3,000 acres on farms, ranches, or
golf cources

250,000 square feet warehouse,
retail stores and manufacturing plants