GAP SYSTEMS in pleased to sell the Panasonic VoIP/Digital Hybrid Lines of phone systems. From our smallest model which supports 3 phone lines with up to 8 phones to our largest systems which support 250 phone lines and up to 250 phones we have a system that's right for your home or office.  All of these systems have the following features plus many more: 

Intercom and external paging 
Voice mail and Automated Attendant add-ons* 
Caller-ID * 
Fax recognition* 
Door opener/Door Phone* 
Hold music jack 
Voice Over IP Trunks and Extensions*

* denotes an add on or expansion card; call for more info 

Hybrid phone systems allow you to mix high end system phones with standard phones, fax machines even cordless phones. For more information about these systems and our product lines of accessories call us at 1800-427-6972 ext 601.

GAP SYSTEMS offers two solution series to accommodate all you medium to large scale wireless needs.

Panasonic Multi-cell wireless: By chaining multi cell stations and base controllers you can achieve a "campus" wide wireless solution. This system allows for building to building wireless. By using this with an panasonic phone system you can link wired and wireless phones to the same extension! (click here for more information) 

Engenius Industrial Cordless : When you need really long distance wireless with single or multiple phones from a single base unit, Engenius is the right choice. (click here for more information) 

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