Panasonic 2.4GHz "Multi-Cell" Wireless Telephones

Integrating a 2.4GHz cordless telephone with the KX-TDA means that the benefits of the system are not left behind when you leave your desk.

Digitally enhanced cordless telephony allows voice and data transmission via radio waves, within the range of strategically placed base stations. As you move throughout the coverage area, the system provides seamless communication by handing off the call from cell station to cell station. It's a low-cost and highly flexible solution that keeps people connected whether they are on the factory floor, in the warehouse, in a showroom or just about anywhere on site.


Benefits of 2.4GHz Wireless Telephone Integration

Multiple handsets can be connected to one system

Handsets can be registered on multiple systems

Secure high quality speech reproduction and excellent reliability

Caller ID name and number compatible 1

Programmable multiple ring types, including a vibrating mode

Access to 1000 system and 100 personal speed dial number




Premium Cordless Handset

Only 2.57 Ounces

Up to 12 CO or Feature Soft Keys can be Programmed


Auto Answer

2.5mm Headset Jack

5 Line LCD Display


Cordless Handset

5.3 Ounces

Up to 12 CO or Feature Keys can be Programmed


Auto Answer

2.5mm Headset Jack

3 Line LCD Display

1 Requires subscription to fee-based telephone service.

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